Build process does not error out for --enable-avahi when libs not present

Warwick Chapman w at
Sun Apr 8 10:41:12 UTC 2018

Hi All

4.8.0 RELEASE NOTES say:

Time Machine Support with vfs_fruit

Samba can be configured as a Time Machine target for Apple Mac devices
through the vfs_fruit module. *When enabling a share for Time Machine
support the relevant Avahi records to support discovery will be published
for installations that have been built against the Avahi client library.*

Shares can be designated as a Time Machine share with the following setting:

  'fruit:time machine = yes'

(Also informed by @omor1's comment of 7 Aug 2017 at

I compiled with --enable-avahi (even though default=yes) but as soon as I
removed the /etc/avahi/service/samba.service file, the share is no longer
viewable in from Finder or Time Machine.

I then established (smbd -b) that Avahi support had *not* been compiled in
because the libraries were not present.  Surely, since the compile flag was
specified (--enable-avahi), the configure process should error out?

On Ubuntu 16.04, installing libavahi-common-dev and libavahi-client-dev and
the running configure again produced the desired result.

smbd -b | grep -i avahi:



map to guest = Bad User
vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr
log file = /var/log/samba/%m
log level = 2

# Time Machine
fruit:veto_appledouble = no
fruit:encoding = native
fruit:metadata = stream

# Security
server min protocol = SMB2

[Time Machine]
fruit:time machine = yes
path = /media/backup
guest only = yes
writeable = yes

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