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> > Comment:
> > Just a heads-up that a project to replace this with a tested
> > 'samba-tool domain backup' and 'samba-tool domain restore' is
> > on-going (a patch was posted, but metze wanted the restore tool done
> > at the same time so that is in progress), so while we can merge this
> > it likely won't stay around long.
> > 
> > The proposal is that those tools will then replace and remove
> > samba_backup.
> I asked once before, but never got an answer, does the python 'tar' do
> this: tar --acls --xattrs --xattrs-include='*.*' -cjf
> If it doesn't then the proposed samba-tool is useless (as is the
> current sh script).

As Metze set the requirement that the restore not just be an un-tar but
a process, a sysvolreset could be added at that stage.

Indications online are that the python 2.6 tar doesn't support
xattrs[1], but at least it wouldn't be a move backwards.

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