Misc py3 c modules with fixes for #152

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Apr 5 07:31:43 UTC 2018

On Wed, 2018-04-04 at 19:18 +0100, Noel Power wrote:
> On 03/04/18 22:32, Github bot account via samba-technical wrote:
> > New comment by catalyst-joe-guo on Samba Github repository
> > 
> > https://github.com/samba-team/samba/pull/155#issuecomment-378406301
> > Comment:
> > I have a few other Python 3 porting patches based on this one, could any one review/merge this PR soon, then we can get others in, please?
> and so do I, I have a WIP patch that reduces the number of python3 c-lib
> modules (that are linking both python2 & python3) from 33 to 2. (see
> https://github.com/noelpower/samba/tree/python2-python3-linkage-issues)

Thanks.  If you could split up some of the patches between 'remove
unused depenency' and removing the grouping library that would be

Otherwise if we can't remove the grouping library then perhaps make it
build for both python2 and python3.

Thanks for all your hard work on this, it has been great to see some
progress being made here.

Andrew Bartlett
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