[PATCH] Regression test for [CVE-2017-11103] Orpheus' Lyre KDC-REP service name validation (mutual auth bypass)

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Sep 22 07:10:01 UTC 2017

Am 21.09.2017 um 09:29 schrieb Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical:
> G'Day,
> This patch I wrote at the time of dealing with CVE-2017-11103, the
> Orpheus' Lyre KDC-REP service name validation (mutual auth
> bypass) issue.  I didn't make it public at the time, but it feels safe
> now.
> I want to ensure we don't regress on this again in the future,
> particularly as Gary and I are working to drag our Heimdal branch out
> of the dark ages.  (I know this seems like an odd thing to do at this
> point, but I would rather do this now than in a rush later). 

I just noticed

I also tried this a few weeks ago, maybe you can find some useful
patches here:
and here:

Here're also some branches with open pull requests for
the main heimdal tree:


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