[PATCH] ctdb: remote serverid check doesn't check for the unique id (bug 13042)

Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 00:55:37 UTC 2017


CTDB has two separate controls for checking
 - if a process exists on a remote node
 - if a srvid is registered on a remote node

The implementation of process exists was wrong and has been fixed as part
of bug 13021.

Samba needs a way to check if a process exists on a remote node that has
registered a unique srvid.  This can be done efficiently by adding a new

These patches add the new control CHECK_PID_SRVID and related code:
 - protocol marshalling
 - server implementation
 - client code
 - ctdb tool extension to process-exists
 - fake ctdbd implementation for testing
 - tests

Please review and push.

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