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Kevin Anderson andersonkw2 at
Sat Sep 16 01:56:51 UTC 2017

Hi Ralph,

> oops, my fault, sorry! Fixed in the attached patchset.
> Fwiw, I removed forcing "strict sync = yes" as that will be the default setting
> in 4.7.
> -slow

That is acceptable to me.

So I reviewed the patch set completely and the final change I have is
to correct the documentation. For the time machine yes documentation,
it should read:

+ <listitem><para><command>yes</command> - Enables advertising
+ Time Machine support and the FULLSYNC volume capability to
+ clients. This is necessary for supporting Time Machine backups
+ from Mac OSX clients. This value advertises the capability
+ and with the options below, fsync's a file at the request of
+ the client.
+ </para></listitem>

Additionally I have attached a working patch that sets the avahi
service name to from the avahi client hostname. This shows the
hostname of the system in all lowercase rather than the uppercased
NETBIOS name. The patch has the signed off tag as well.

Kevin Anderson
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