Latest Time Machine Patch

Kevin Anderson andersonkw2 at
Fri Sep 15 18:47:43 UTC 2017

Hi Ralph,

> alrighty. So here's an updated patchset that adds the signed-off tags for both
> of you and fixes the author in the avahi patch.
> If you're happy with the patchset I'll ask for a second team member review and
> ove we get that we can finally push this upstream. Thanks for your patience and
> persistence on this! :)

I am happy with it with one exception. There is an error in the first
patch of the patchset:

+ config->time_machine = lp_parm_bool(
+ SNUM(handle->conn), FRUIT_PARAM_TYPE_NAME, "time machine", false);
  config->model = lp_parm_const_string(
  -1, FRUIT_PARAM_TYPE_NAME, "model", "MacSamba");

@@ -2122,6 +2126,7 @@ static NTSTATUS check_aapl(vfs_handle_struct *handle,
  DATA_BLOB blob = data_blob_talloc(req, NULL, 0);
  uint64_t req_bitmap, client_caps;
  uint64_t server_caps = SMB2_CRTCTX_AAPL_UNIX_BASED;
+ uint64_t volume_caps = 0;
  smb_ucs2_t *model;
  size_t modellen;

@@ -2206,6 +2211,10 @@ static NTSTATUS check_aapl(vfs_handle_struct *handle,

+ if (config->time_machine) {
+ volume_caps |= SMB2_CRTCTX_AAPL_FULL_SYNC;
+ }
  SBVAL(p, 0, caps);

The "volume_caps" variable should be "caps". I double checked and it
was correct in my first email but I missed the error on the first
modification to split the patches in to smaller chunks so I apologize
for that. Besides that though it looks good to me.

I appreciate all of your help and guidance on this!

Kevin Anderson

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