Latest Time Machine Patch

Omri Mor omri50 at
Fri Sep 15 02:58:42 UTC 2017

> What's missing is proper signed-off tags in the individual commits added by the
> author. I can add the tags, I just need to know the author and the author must
> state that he's happy with the commit as it is.

I did the Avahi stuff (number 3 in the patchset).
The original commits did have a sign-off, but it looks like Kevin only attached the diff. 

>> The only thing that has come up lately is potentially supporting 
>> setting the avahi hostname rather than the current method of 
>> using the netbios name so that it would show as lowercase rather
>> than all capitals. I personally don't have a strong opinion either
>> way but am open to suggestions.
> The uppercase netbios name is used anyway for the _smb._tcp record, isn't it?
> Looks like we're stuck with this cruft…

The discussion was about both _smb._tcp and _adisk._tcp (their names should obviously match).
That can be done in a separate patch, pending further discussion, after this goes through.
Note that the dns_sd code (which is, I must reiterate, broken and doesn’t compile) passes NULL to DNSServiceRegister() for the name parameter, which sets it to use the default name (i.e. the hostname), instead of using the NetBIOS name (like Avahi).

Instead of choosing a default that can’t be modified, we could add a global option, say `multicast dns name` with a sensible default of either the NetBIOS name or the hostname, whichever makes more sense.
Netatalk added a similar option `zeroconf name` about a year ago, see


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