Intermittent failure to authenticate using NTLM with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Sun Sep 10 10:01:51 UTC 2017

Hi Richard,

> We are intermittently seeing NTLM auth failing with
> NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED and we see this message in winbindd.log:
> [2015/10/08 15:34:33.393987,  3, pid=3549, effective(0, 0), real(0,
> 0), class=winbind]
> ../source3/winbindd/winbindd_pam.c:1426(winbind_samlogon_retry_loop)
>   winbind_samlogon_retry_loop: sam_logon returned ACCESS_DENIED.
> Maybe the trust account password was changed and we didn't know it.
> Killing connections to domain SOMEDOM
> Now, the real reason seems to be that one of the DCs in that domain
> disallows NTLM authentication and whenever winbindd finds that DC we
> get this problem.

I just come across something similar.

Are you should really sure the disabled NTLM authentication was the
reason here. As far as I remember a DC would return
a situation.

See [MS-APDS] 3.1.5 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules:


  If NTLMServerDomainBlocked == TRUE, the NTLM server SHOULD<7> return

  If the DC is of the resource domain:
  * If ResourceDCBlocked == TRUE, and the NTLM server's name is not
    equal to any of the DCBlockExceptions server names, the DC SHOULD<8>

  If the DC is of the account domain:
  * If AccountDCBlocked == TRUE, the APDS server SHOULD<9> return
  * If the domainControllerFunctionality attribute
    ([MS-ADTS] section returns a value that is >= 6,
    the account is not also the NTLM server's account, and the APDS
    server determines that an authentication policy setting ([MS-KILE]
    section applies, then:
    * If AllowedToAuthenticateTo is not NULL, an access check SHOULD<10>
      be performed to determine whether the user has the ACL granting
      ACTRL_DS_CONTROL_ACCESS ([MS-SAMR] section If the
      access check fails, APDS MUST return


The only situation I saw NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED from
NetrLogonSamLogonEx was when the DC was installed correctly
and still had SYSVOLReady = 0. See

And I think this is a situation where we should ban that DC.

Also with our current netlogon_cli_creds.tdb infrastructure
I can't see how we could ever get NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
from NetrLogonSamLogon[WithFlags]() when using the credential


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