[PATCH] Use Intel AES instruction set if it exists - v3

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Wed Sep 6 11:35:54 UTC 2017

On Tuesday, 5 September 2017 23:08:45 CEST Jeremy Allison via samba-technical 
> Hi all,
> Off-list Justin @ Netgear has been doing
> some performance measurements between native
> Samba AES, the libnettle crypto library and
> Intel AES instructions.
> Whilst doing that he discovered that on Debian 9,
> and Ubuntu 17.04 and before, libnettle has been
> built without AES instruction support and is thus
> much *slower* than our native crypto. On Fedora
> and SuSE it's correctly built and so provides better
> performance, although the native Intel AES code is
> still the fastest.
> I don't have permission to publish his absolute numbers,
> but have a work-around here of publishing comparative
> results (hope that's OK Justin, but it's easier to
> ask for forgiveness than wait for permission:-).
> Consider native Samba as performance 1.000. We have:
> Native Samba AES code:			1.000
> Intel AES code:				2.386
> libnettle --enable-fat (Fedora|SuSE):	1.704
> libnettle (Debian|Ubuntu):		0.818
> As you can see, Intel AES code gives a significant
> advantage.
> Given that, after discussions offline with Andreas
> (who has to support FIPS certification for Fedora)
> and Metze, here is a patchset that allows configure
> time selection of AES crypto.
> --accel-aes=none (default - use Samba native crypto)
> --accel-aes=nettle|libnettle (Use libnettle)
> --accel-aes=intelaesni (Use third_party code)
> Part of this is a WHATSNEW that specifies that
> the --accel-aes=intelaesni and supporting code
> is a temporary fix and WILL be removed from Samba
> once libnettle reaches performance parity.
> Andreas, let me know if this meets your requirements.

I've talked to Nikos. GnuTLS uses the AES-NI assembler code from OpenSSL and 
it is much much faster than what libnettle offers:

Benchmark with libnettle:
GNUTLS_CPUID_OVERRIDE=1 gnutls-cli --benchmark-ciphers

Benchmark with GnuTLS AES-NI:
gnutls-cli --benchmark-ciphers

Since GnuTLS 3.4 (we require 3.4.7 right now) there are new AEAD cipher 
functions. Maybe this is going into the direction metze wants to have, see


Jeremy, just push the Intel AES-NI. I think we should use the GnuTLS for this 
which will be faster then what nettle offeres right now. Also distributions 
have probably the GnuTLS version we require and with AES-NI support.


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