DCERPC requirements for DFS-R

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 6 00:01:01 UTC 2017


We've been asked to look into SYSVOL replication and I'm aware that our 
current DCERPC infrastructure is insufficient, but I haven't got a good 
understanding of exactly what this entails. In particular, I was 
wondering if these requirements would be diminished at all if we only 
supported the initial sync. Just supporting the initial sync appears 
simplify a number of the ACL problems that we currently encounter 
(because we can pass through Samba and do our mappings) and seems to be 
a reasonable partial step towards implementing the overall protocol. Any 
ongoing replication could be made ad-hoc (with whatever mechanisms are 
currently being used), until the time we choose to implement the remainder.

Matthieu had at one point, a simple client to do the initial sync, so 
part of the work there is resolved and/or known. The question is the 
corresponding server functionality.



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