[PATCH] libcli/smb: Parse primary domain from session setup

Samuel Cabrero scabrero at suse.de
Mon Oct 23 12:12:02 UTC 2017


I still have this patch on the queue, I sent it some time ago.

The output of 'net rap server domain -S <server>' returns an empty list
since samba >= 4.6.0 when 'client ipc max protocol = NT1' because the
netbios server name is used instead of the primary domain in the
NetServerEnum2 call.

I have tracked it down and I think this a regression introduced by
commit 9fffec88033a. Before this commit the primary domain was
extracted from the session setup.

Related bug:

Could I get any comment on it please?

On Mon, 2017-09-11 at 18:31 +0200, Samuel Cabrero via samba-technical
> On samba >= 4.6.0 the domain name shown on smbclient output is wrong
> and shows the netbios server name instead of the server's workgroup.
> Also, the 'net rap server domain' command does not work because the
> server's netbios name is used instead of the workgroup in the
> NetServerEnum2 request.
> The attached patch reads the primary domain from session setup
> response
> for NT1 protocol with CAP_EXTENDED_SECURITY.
> Review and comments appreciated!
> Samuel.
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