Upgrade question for 4.7

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Oct 16 14:28:53 UTC 2017

I have a few small questions.
Since i see multiple things occuring in the samba list after 4.7 upgrade, im willing to upgrade my samba 4.6.8 (production) to 4.7.0( debian based) 
so i can better follow the problems on the list and help you guys out in debugging where possible. 
And im eager to go to 4.7. ;-)
So I'll go create debian stretch packages from debian expermental and upgrade. Now thats the easy part. 
Before i start, i want to know if the members are safe, im going to follow these steps to give an idee. 
because i can handle the restore of the dc's very quickly, but some members not, thats why im asking. 
Yes, i can setup a test env, i have one, but testing without computers and users working in it, is not sufficient. 
The DC's are running in VM's so i snapshot the currect AD ( when powered down ) and then i upgrade. 
the other option is add an extra (4.7 samba) DC, wait until everyting is replicated and upgrade the others. 
What is preffered by you developers, i'll choose the path you guys want me to choose. 
Even if its...   the good, the bad, or the ugly..    ;-)   
What i want to know, if i follow these steps, what happens, when i revert my VM's back to 4.6.8, 
with the member servers. ( running versions 4.5.8, 4.5.14, 4.6.7, 4.6.8. Debian and my own packages mixed ) 

I dont care about .. loose of data in the AD or sysvol etc, atm i have very little changes, so thats good manageble. i have good backups for that.

I do care about, what happens to the members connected to the AD. 
Any thing i need todo there, or shoud a restart of samba or reboot be sufficient.
So any tips, know bugs, at this part are very welkom so i can preper a bit more. 
Im already reading into the regression bugs and open bugs for 4.7.x



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