[PATCHES v4] Another round of FreeBSD developer build fixes

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Nov 24 00:09:25 UTC 2017

On Fri, 2017-11-24 at 00:58 +0200, Uri Simchoni via samba-technical
> Hi,
> After Andrew committed some of the FreeBSD build fixes, here's another
> round of reduced patch set. It includes:
> - Patches which were not explicitly nacked but did not land yet
> - Reworked pam_wrapper patches, already upstream and reviewed by Andreas
> - Reworked pragma-less handling of readline.h issues, according to tip
> by Timur Bakeyev
> It does not include parts of the original patch set which still require
> rework:
> - the sysacls patch (v3 1/38) which Andrew felt was smelly - after
> closer examination I think it would have broken other
> non-Linux/nop-FreeBSD builds.
> - remaining #pragma-bearing patchs in pam_winbind (v3 13/38 and 14/38)
> Review appreciated,
> Uri.

I'll push some more of these.  I'm just putting off trying to
understand the _TYPE_MINIMUM change and I don't really like

[PATCH v4 01/13] s4-cli: increment once in the for loop

I would like some broader comment on:

[PATCH v4 08/13] build: remove -Wcast-align from developer build

I've skipped this one:
[PATCH v4 09/13] tevent: mark some functions as private
until I can work out what _PRIVATE_ actually does. 

Another task in this area is this pull request by Sonic (CC'ed):


If someone could have a look at this and make sense of what it that
would be most welcome. 

Andrew Bartlett

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