[PATCHES v2] Fix FreeBSD developer build

Uri Simchoni uri at samba.org
Wed Nov 22 20:05:04 UTC 2017

On 11/22/2017 03:02 PM, Stefan Metzmacher wrote:
> I'm not so happy with the cflags_end change.
> Shouldn't we fix pidl to avoid generating unused functions?
> I'm also wondering what an actual example error message is.
> As I guess we already make sure we don't have any unused static
> functions with the master autobuild.

Here's the build result with the patch removed:

[1836/3977] Compiling default/librpc/gen_ndr/py_misc.c
default/librpc/gen_ndr/py_misc.c:34:25: error: unused function
'ndr_sizeof2intmax' [-Werror,-Wunused-function]
static inline long long ndr_sizeof2intmax(size_t var_size)
default/librpc/gen_ndr/py_misc.c:50:25: error: unused function
'ndr_PyLong_FromLongLong' [-Werror,-Wunused-function]
static inline PyObject *ndr_PyLong_FromLongLong(long long v)

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