[PATCH] Fix bug #13126 - NTLM authentications using default domain/workgroup stopped working

Samuel Cabrero scabrero at suse.de
Tue Nov 21 11:36:12 UTC 2017

After commit 8e88b56e the winbind parent process does set anymore
auth_crap.domain to the winbind default domain when the domain was not
specified in the request, causing the request to fail with

This commit restores the behavior in the winbind child. If 'winbind use
default domain = yes' and no domain is specified in the request, will
use the default domain. It also allows the domain to be specified in
auth_crap.user as 'DOMAIN\user'.

To test this I have added a new environment where 'winbind use default
domain' is set to true.

Comments and reviews appreciated!
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