[PATCH] Windows 2012 base schema support

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Nov 10 02:16:18 UTC 2017


I've updated the tim-2012-schema branch on Catalyst git.


> A few points:
>   - When importing the Microsoft schema, please just import the .md file
> from that github repo, and script the rest.  That way we don't have
> duplicates and can fly past the Debian 'no binaries/built things in the
> tree' rule.

samba-tool domain schemaupgrade will now parse the .md file at runtime 
(into a temp directory) and run unix patch at runtime using subprocess 
for any .diff files it finds. This seems to be the most sane way to do 
this, instead of trying to create a special case for the build system 
just for these files and this type of workflow. This requires 
python-markdown as a dependency, which I don't expect to be an issue.

>   - Please include the licence from the MS GitHub page so the right to
> use this is clear

I've added the CC 4.0 Attributions license and MIT license which both 
appear in the Github repo (for documentation and code respectively).

> ldb_tdb: Error message was printing garbage
>   - I'm sorry that the unique index message caused trouble, but we do
> need to keep it.  We need to print it as hex or ideally a GUID if it
> starts with GUID= as folks have terrible trouble working out which DN
> they are conflicting with.  (I should have done this during the GUID
> index patch set).

I've removed this patch from the patchset while we look for a better fix.

Hopefully that addresses all your issues.



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