[Proposal] Remove dns_sd API

Omri Mor omri50 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 18:32:06 UTC 2017

Sorry for taking a bit to respond, I’ve been busy with work for the past couple days.

> As a matter of fact dns_sd is working and used in the FreeBSD ports and in
> the FreeNAS. Actually, FreeNAS uses mDNSResponder to provide service
> auto-discovery
> and used dns_sd code on a regular basics. So I wouldn't call this part of
> the code "non-working”.

It _is_ true that FreeBSD and its derivatives, including FreeNAS, use mDNSResponder and the dns_sd API—I noted that in my original email. As I stated, however, in upstream, the dns_sd-based client browsing code does not compile, and hasn’t in over 6 years.
Patches fixing this were added to FreeBSD in 2013; they have not been upstreamed since then, though there was a request to do so 2 years ago (also note that I think that the patch isn’t entirely correct, as it frees a talloc context that was obtained via `talloc_tos()`).

As I also stated in the first email, the dns_sd-based service advertising, though it compiles, _does not work_, and hasn’t in 8 years. FreeBSD compiles with both dns_sd/mDNSResponder and Avahi support, so that while it appears to work, it’s actually using the Avahi code (since they are _both_ enabled).

Best would be, I think, to write new Avahi-based client browsing code and remove the the _currently_ nonfunctional dns_sd code.

In any case, attached is a diff I created back in July when I originally looked at it which might fix some things, but I haven’t tested it since.

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