auth_log testing

Gary Lockyer gary at
Mon Nov 6 18:06:04 UTC 2017

The auth logging code is making standard samba debug calls so it should
be going to the samba logs.

The log levels are:

2 - log authentication failures
3 - successful authentications
4 - successful authorisations
5 - Anonymous authentications and authorisations.

Alternatively the following Debug classes exist.

Also the events get sent via the messaging api, which is how the tests work.

Hope that this helps


On 07/11/17 04:53, Andreas Schneider via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I need a bit of help :-)
> I've implemented authentication logging support with MIT Kerberos:
> However where is the generated logging going too? I thought it is a file but 
> it looks like the log from MIT KDC is not written to the location it should be 
> showing up!
> Do I need to setup where the authentication needs to be sent to in the KDB 
> module?
> Thanks,
> 	Andreas

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