Net ads join query.

Yogesh Kulkarni yoknfs at
Wed May 31 23:03:15 UTC 2017

 I am trying to setup an SMB2 only environment, where the AD is a windows
2012 with SMB1 disabled.
 I have setup the krb5.conf, smb.conf ldap.conf, resolv, hosts and lmhosts
to correct domain and AD.
 I tried kerberos kinit and that works fine.

 However, whenever I try to join the domain, I get message domain
information failed.
 I am using
* net ads join --kerberos -Uadministrator  -d 10*

    libnet_JoinCtx: struct libnet_JoinCtx
        out: struct libnet_JoinCtx
            account_name             : NULL
            netbios_domain_name      : NULL
            dns_domain_name          : NULL
            forest_name              : NULL
            dn                       : NULL
            domain_sid               : NULL
                domain_sid               : (NULL SID)
            modified_config          : 0x00 (0)
            error_string             : 'failed to lookup DC info for domain
            domain_is_ad             : 0x00 (0)
            result                   : WERR_NETNAME_DELETED

Which can possibly be explained by the fact that SMB1 is turned off on the
server. I assume that turning off SMB1 would
also turn off the RPC services.

However, in the absence of RPC services, how does the samba client get
information about the DC ?
Is it through the LDAP query or is there any other mechanism to get the
information ?


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