Fwd: Error in Setup File Server Cluster with Samba

GiangCoi Mr ltrgiang86 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 06:17:47 UTC 2017

Hi Team.
At the moment, I am installing File Server Samba Cluster as follow diagram

File Server 01 and 02 connect to SAN 01 and SAN 02 through iSCSI. In both
File Server I install and configure GlusterFS to share folder /data for
shared files to everyone.

​File configure ctdb as follow

vi /data/lock/ctdb

#CIFS only
#CIFS only

File public_address
vi /data/lock/public_addresses eth0

File nodes
vi /data/lock/nodes

File smb.conf

cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /data/lock/smb.conf

vi /data/lock/smb.conf

clustering = yes
idmap backend = tdb2
private dir = /data/lock


comment = Gluster and CTDB based share
path = /data/share
read only = no
writable = yes
valid users = jon

I create soft link
ln -s /data/lock/ctdb /etc/sysconfig/ctdb

ln -s /data/lock/nodes /etc/ctdb/nodes
ln -s /data/lock/public_addresses /etc/ctdb/public_addresses

ln -s /data/lock/smb.conf /etc/samba/

Everything I setup, It's ok. When I test network down with 2 Client, I
disconnect eth0 in File Server 01, then

- Client 01: (in other subnet) is copying data to File Server
01 interrupted and the Client 01 have lost connection to File Server. I saw
log from log.ctdb: "sendto failed, don't send tickle ACK to IP"

 - Client 03: (in same subnet) is copying data to File Server 01

I am using Cisco Layer 3 to routing inter VLAN.

So, how I do to fix this issue?


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