Late security improvements and my work queue

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri Jun 30 16:33:14 UTC 2017

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 11:11:27PM +1200, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
> Just a heads-up, that if I ever get free of ldb locking, I want to try
> and:
>  - enforce a setting of restrict anonymous = 2 on the AD DC
>    BUG:
>  - disable the s3 netlogon server when we are not a DC
>  - add a way to disable NTLM entirely
>    BUG:
> Any comments or support in advance most welcome, so if I can make
> tested patches that we can land these without drama.
> After we freeze, I hope to address a flapping cracknames test:
> BUG:
> and an apparent regression in the multi-process NETLOGON
> BUG:
> Finally, I hope to help my team at Catalyst land the load generation
> tool and the performance fixes it has found, it is a really neat thing!

Thanks for the updates Andrew ! I'm looking forward to
see the load generation tool and performance improvements
land (hopefully for 4.7.0).

I'm finishing up the last VFS changes for 4.7.0, I've
only realpath() to do so we should have a fully struct smb_filename'ized
VFS in 4.7.0.



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