RFC: PATCH: client tools option -l|--log-basename not working

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Jun 29 12:14:28 UTC 2017


I noticed smbclient wasn't logging to file with the '---log-basename'
option, a log file was created but no log messages reached it,  the log
output was nowhere to be seen. After some investigation I came up with
the first patch in the series below (basically it automagically calls
reopen_logs as setup_logging is already called for you) However upon
checking some other client tools I found that these similarly weren't
obeying the '---log-basename' option. The following patches fix the
issues seen all the s3/utils client tools. I suspect there are more
client tools (s4 etc) in the same boat. However I wait to deal with
those (assuming they exist) just to avoid unnecessarily changing alot of
stuff if the approach here isn't correct or optimal.



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