RFC: net cache samlogon list|show|delete

Ralph Böhme slow at samba.org
Wed Jun 28 04:42:49 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm working on an enhancement to net that will allow the user to work on the
samlogon cache (netsamlogon_cache.tdb).

I added this as a subcommand to the existing net cache commands. Any better

Here's what I already have:

$ sudo ./bin/net cache samlogon 
Invalid command: net cache samlogon 
net cache samlogon list            List samlogon cache
net cache samlogon show            Show samlogon cache entry
net cache samlogon delete          Delete samlogon cache entry

$ sudo ./bin/net cache samlogon list
SID                                                Name                                     When cached
S-1-5-21-364438107-531279461-249741216-1000        SLOWSERVER\slow                          Sun Mar 27 12:26:55 PM 2016 CEST

$ sudo ./bin/net cache samlogon show S-1-5-21-364438107-531279461-249741216-1000
SID  0: S-1-5-21-364438107-531279461-249741216-1000
SID  1: S-1-5-21-364438107-531279461-249741216-513

Anyone missing his favorite piece of info in the output? Anything else?


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