Disabling SMB1 by default

Moritz Bechler bechler at agno3.eu
Wed Jun 21 07:34:38 UTC 2017


> Can we do a multi-protocol negotiate and just specify supported dialects
> of "2.002" and "2.???"? Then we wouldn't get a reset from servers that
> don't support SMB2, while still enforcing SMB2+.

According to the specs that should be perfectly legal and fully covered
by mandatory behaviors

- An SMB2+ capable server must check for a SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE, 2.02
servers must use SMB2 if the 2.002 dialect is present, 2.1+ servers must
use SMB2 if the 2.??? dialect is present -> every SMB2 capable server
must pick SMB2.

- An non-SMB2 capable server must check the list of dialects, if none
matches must set DialectIndex to 0xFFFF and use core protocol -> even if
this is not properly implemented we should get a SMB1 negotiate response.



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