Why do my autobuilds keep stopping with no messages returned ?

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sat Jun 17 00:20:23 UTC 2017

Hi Metze,

My autobuilds keep disappearing :-(.

Latest one just stopped here:

DNS: Faking nameserver
[1(0)/2129 at 0s] samba.tests.source
[2(6)/2129 at 1s] samba.tests.docs
[3(8)/2129 at 2m21s] samba.tests.blackbox.ndrdump
[4(13)/2129 at 2m21s] ldb.python
[5(170)/2129 at 2m21s] samba.tests.credentials
[6(206)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.credentials.python3
[7(242)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.registry
[8(246)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.auth
[9(251)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.auth.python3
[10(256)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.get_opt
[11(260)/2129 at 2m22s] samba.tests.get_opt.python3
[12(264)/2129 at 2m23s] samba.tests.security
[13(285)/2129 at 2m24s] samba.tests.dcerpc.misc
[14(292)/2129 at 2m24s] samba.tests.dcerpc.misc.python3
[15(299)/2129 at 2m24s] samba.tests.dcerpc.integer
[16(334)/2129 at 2m26s] samba.tests.param
[17(347)/2129 at 2m27s] samba.tests.param.python3
[18(360)/2129 at 2m27s] samba.tests.upgrade
[19(362)/2129 at 2m28s] samba.tests.core
[20(371)/2129 at 2m28s] samba.tests.core.python3
[21(380)/2129 at 2m29s] samba.tests.provision
[22(391)/2129 at 2m29s] samba.tests.samba3
[23(412)/2129 at 2m32s] samba.tests.strings
[24(414)/2129 at 2m32s] samba.tests.netcmd
[25(419)/2129 at 2m32s] samba.tests.dcerpc.rpc_talloc
[26(420)/2129 at 2m32s] samba.tests.dcerpc.array
[27(425)/2129 at 2m33s] samba.tests.dcerpc.string
[28(431)/2129 at 2m33s] samba.tests.hostconfig
[29(436)/2129 at 2m33s] samba.tests.messaging(ad_dc_ntvfs:local)
[30(444)/2129 at 2m49s] samba.tests.samba3sam
[31(454)/2129 at 2m49s] wafsamba.tests.test_suite
[32(474)/2129 at 2m49s] samba4.blackbox.demote-saveddb
[33(479)/2129 at 2m54s] samba4.blackbox.dbcheck.alpha13
[34(505)/2129 at 3m38s] samba4.blackbox.dbcheck.release-4-0-0
[35(531)/2129 at 4m25s] samba4.blackbox.dbcheck.release-4-1-0rc3

and now I check and Andrew's build is running.

No message returned to me that it failed, which
is disturbing.

If you have any ideas I'm all ears, but in the meantime
I'm having to sit on top of it and keep submitting,
which isn't ideal :-(.

On another note, I'll be up in Redmond next week at the
Microsoft interop event, so if anyone wants anything
specific testing against the latest Windows builds I'm
your man :-).



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