GSOC2017 Progress Report #2

Dimitris Gravanis dimgrav at
Fri Jun 16 18:07:05 UTC 2017

Progress Report #2 16-06-2017
_ _AD - DC:_

  * Setup samba-ad-dc.service for systemd management.
  * Setup NTPd for time sync.
  * Winbindd works correctly.
  * Administrator user to --noexpiry.

_cmocka:___ <>

  * Installed Cmake 3.5.1__
  * Installed cmocka version 1.1.1 and studied relevant documentation
  * First attempts at unit testing on pre-existing C programs
  * Getting to know the lib


  * Studied terminology/application/documentation
  * Making cross-references with libcli/dn

By the end of the month, I expect to have a couple of solid changes, 
ideally supported by their respective test cases.

Have a great weekend,


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