Proposal for end-of-life for fedfs-utils development

Chuck Lever chuck.lever at
Wed Jun 14 20:53:07 UTC 2017

> On Jun 2, 2017, at 11:01 AM, Chuck Lever <chuck.lever at> wrote:
> Upstream fedfs-utils has not been under active development for
> two years or more, and there is a scant user base. I'd like to
> propose making 0.10 the final major release of fedfs-utils.
> The plan:
> - Since 0.10 is in at least one major enterprise distribution,
> I will remain available to integrate security fixes and make
> new minor releases in the 0.10 line, as needed, for one to
> two more years.
> - Retire and remove fedfs-utils from upstream mirror distros
> such as Fedora rawhide.
> - Transfer utilities such as nfsref into nfs-utils, with
> support for FedFS junctions removed.
> - Announcements of the change in status will be made on
> fedfs-utils-announce and on the site.
> Comments welcome!

This was meant as a Request For Comments, but the cat is
out of bag now:


I haven't heard any objections to this proposal, so let's
go with it. Consider this the official announcement of
the end-of-life of fedfs-utils.

Chuck Lever

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