From Bug 12821, tree connect failed without password to windows

shivappa Sangapur ssangapur3 at
Thu Jun 8 07:14:55 UTC 2017

Looks like this is causing me the problem.


	if (ntlmssp_state->use_ccache) {
		struct samr_Password *nt_hash = NULL;

		 * If we have a password given we don't
		 * use the ccache
		nt_hash = cli_credentials_get_nt_hash(gensec_security->credentials,
		if (nt_hash != NULL) {
*			ntlmssp_state->use_ccache = false;*

since I am sending null password *ntlmssp_state->use_ccache = false;* is NOT
set and 
NT_STATUS_WRONG_CREDENTIAL_HANDLE is returned since i'm not running

If I set ntlmssp_state->use_ccache = false; irrespective of password(empty
or non-empty), what else i need to modify.

I must use username to communicate with Windows.

Can anybody please help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

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