[PATCH] Clean up and document ctdb client api

Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 05:51:14 UTC 2017


The current ctdb client api header (ctdb/client/client.h) has become too
long and unmanageable.  Most of the sync api is primarily used in the ctdb
tool and not used elsewhere.  All the new code including recovery helper,
eventd client/server use async api.

The attached set of patches clean up the client api. The changes include

- rename current traverse api to traverse_local appropriately
- add missing cluster wide-traverse api
- add missing database detach api
- move sync control and sync messages api into separate header
- move eventd api into separate header

This leaves only the core client api in client.h.  The core api inclues

- sending controls to ctdb daemon
- sending messages to other ctdb clients
- database handling
- managing records from distributed (volatile) databases
- managing records from replicated (persistent) databases
- small set of utility functions

The final patch adds documentation for the core client api.

Please review and push.

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