Looks like we do not have self-tests for smbcacls

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Mon Jul 31 12:51:14 UTC 2017

Please find a new version of the patchset (with tests re-written in python)
On 20/07/17 21:19, Stefan Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi Noel,
>>>> I was trying to set an ACL via smbcacls with the following command:
>>>> smbcacls //localhost/someshare some-dir --sddl -Uetc -S
>>>> 'some-long-sddl-dumped-from-windows-with-smbcacls'
>>>> and I got this error:
>>>> ../source3/rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:568: RPC fault code
>>>> DCERPC_NCA_S_OP_RNG_ERROR received from host localhost!
>>>> And when I look in the logfile I see:
>> [...]
>> Let me shamelessly hijack this thread (sortof), with the attached
>> patchset (rebased for current master) for my propagate inheritance
>> related smbcacls changes includes selftests for smbcacls (that can be
>> fleshed out more). Note: The tests (& my patch) currently fail since
>> commit 1199907cbe2 "param: change the effective default for "client max
>> protocol" to the latest supported protocol" Please see the separate
>> message to the list with title "RFC: smbcacls fails with windows with
>> SMB2 (succeeds with SMB1 only)" for more details and a 'maybe' fix for
>> that. Dave, if you have a chance can you have a look at these patches
>> again :-))
> I'm sorry, but I'd really like to avoid start using perl scripts for
> new tests, would it be possible to do it in python or shell?
> metze

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