GSOC 2017 Progress Report #8

Dimitris Gravanis dimgrav at
Sat Jul 29 12:22:50 UTC 2017

Progress Report #8 29-07-2017 


_gss-tsig:_ <>

  * changed tsig record generation in dns_empty_tsig() of
    client_crypto.c (thanks for the tip Andreas!)
  * minor corrections and additions in libcli_crypto.h

_tcp-cli:_ <>

  * changes in socket handling and registered associated callback in
  * some changes in pdu_blob_send/recv() loop that should be revisited
    and reviewed, in dns_tcp.c


  * initial test suite templates
  * added tests for dns_empty_tsig(), dns_find_tkey() and
    dns_cli_generate_tsig() in cli_crypto_test.c (incomplete)

I consider *gss-tsig* to be at a valid state at the moment, therefore I 
will focus in coding a correct cmocka test suite to assure it's ok, then 
look for potential improvements.

In *tcp-cli*, I must work on creating the wrapper functions to hide the 
process. Then I can proceed with writing the tests. Any books or 
references in declaring/defining/creating wrappers will be extremely 

In *cmocka-tests* I'm walking baby steps at this point, but I invest a 
lot of time on it and I should figure out my tests soon enough.

In the following days, I'll fork Samba to merge with my temp repo 
<>, making it easy to 
incorporate what I've got so far to Samba, as well as for everyone 
interested to take a look and provide tips and feedback.

Have a great weekend,


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