trivial typo in vfs_fruit.8.xml

matsuand michio_matsuyama at
Sat Jul 29 05:08:51 UTC 2017


Period that is outside of the <para> tag causes unneccessary vertical space in the 
htmlman output. (Paragraph including only one period will be created.)

diff --git a/docs-xml/manpages/vfs_fruit.8.xml b/docs-xml/manpages/vfs_fruit.8.x
index 7097aac..c5ffc82 100644
--- a/docs-xml/manpages/vfs_fruit.8.xml
+++ b/docs-xml/manpages/vfs_fruit.8.xml
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
              specific copychunk ioctl that requests a copy of a whole file
              along with all attached metadata.</para>
              <para>WARNING: the copyfile request is blocking the
-             client while the server does the copy.</para>.
+             client while the server does the copy.</para>
              <para>The default is <emphasis>no</emphasis>.</para>


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