Question: winbindd & expand groups value

Noel Power nopower at
Wed Jul 19 17:58:16 UTC 2017

Hi There

Any more info about this, it would be great to get some clarity, could
propose doc change if more clue about what is correct or not


On 14/03/17 11:45, nopower at (Noel Power) wrote:
> Hi Metze,
> I believe you introduced the change to the default "winbind expand
> groups" to 0, I'm hoping you can tell me what is the expectation when
> say calling a function like getgrnam is, should it return any group
> members at all with the new default ? Maybe it's just me but I find the
> man page confusing with regard to how this parameter affects
> nested/non-nested groups.
> thanks,
> Noel
> On 07/03/17 15:11, Noel Power wrote:
>> I am a little unsure and confused about what is the expected behaviour
>> with this. The man page state "This option controls the maximum depth
>> that winbindd will traverse when flattening nested group memberships of
>> Windows domain groups" However it seems that this setting also affects
>> how membership of normal (non nested) groups is returned. For example
>> with the new default
>> getent group AD\\groupname won't return any members at all
>> so is it just the text here is confusing and/or inaccurate or is this
>> behaviour expected?
>> Now the smb.conf also states "Some broken applications calculate the
>> group memberships of users by traversing groups, such applications will
>> require "winbind expand groups = 1" No mention this time of nested
>> groups implying that perhaps this setting does indeed affect non nested
>> groups. So, does this mean that any calls (e.g. getgrnam) that trigger
>> 'wb_group_members_send' are doomed to fail to return anything for the
>> new default ? This question arose from a customer query where the newgrp
>> & sg were failing (and at least in the case of newgrp it checks if the
>> user running the cmd is mentioned as a member(s) returned from 'getgrnam'. 
>> Thanks in advance for any clarification
>> Noel

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