tdb on debian wheezy ( for samba 4.6.6 )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at
Tue Jul 18 12:08:11 UTC 2017

small question.
I'm compiling new samba packages for debian wheezy. 
not tdb fails due to no python 3.3.0 on wheezy, which is max 3.2.3. 
(tdb  1.3.12 and 1.3.13 give this message.) 
now, i see i have the option to set : conf.env['IS_EXTRA_PYTHON'] = 'yes' to no. 
or lower the python version to match wheezy's version. 
can anyone comment if this is farmfull for samba of anyone a better suggestion. 
I setting up for samba 4.6.6. 
yes, i can lower the package versions a bit, use the jessie versions, but i try to match the debian buster packages. 
so i'll appreciate any comment..  

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