fixing smbtorture base.createx_sharemodes_file test

Herb Lewis hlewis at
Tue Jul 11 17:44:19 UTC 2017

I was waiting to submit the patch until I could see if there was a way to
shorten the test time automatically. :-)

I'm not sure what tests get run on submits and I wouldn't want to slow
down the process by over 40 minutes if this is one of them.

On 07/11/2017 10:38 AM, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 9:24 AM, Herb Lewis via samba-technical
> <samba-technical at> wrote:
>> This test and base.createx_sharemodes_dir do not really test handling of
>> sharemode
>> conflicts because we close the first file handle before we attempt to open
>> the file again.
>> The problem with the fix is that it now makes the
>> base.createx_sharemodes_file test
>> take a long time because of the 1 second delay before we return
>> on those cases that now conflict. We probably need to set the smb.conf
>> parameter
>> "defer sharing violations = no" when this test is run and then make sure it
>> is back to
>> normal for the base.defer_open test.
>> Is there is a way to do this in the automatic testing?

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