client-side DNS TCP

Andreas Schneider asn at
Mon Jul 10 09:24:10 UTC 2017

On Saturday, 8 July 2017 17:21:35 CEST Dimitris Gravanis via samba-technical 
> Hi Stefan,
> Thank you very much for your detailed input, it helped me significantly.
> My main obstacle right now is to determine how are TCP/UDP headers
> implemented in Samba. I've figured out UDP, it's pretty straightforward
> for the client, but TCP is a bit more complicated and the libraries that
> include TCP definitions are a lot. I'm using source4/dns_server as my
> main guide, putting it together with talloc, tevent and tsocket. It's a
> bit of a maze :).
> Regarding branches, is it ok, in terms of permissions/licensing, if I
> use a repo at my GitHub and move at at a later point?

Yes, that's fine.

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