[PATCHES] Samba-VirusFilter (version 10)

Trever L. Adams trever at middleearth.sapphiresunday.org
Tue Jul 4 18:48:48 UTC 2017

On 07/04/2017 12:20 PM, Trever L. Adams wrote:
> This version of the patch is necessary because:
> * Some of the documentation was out of date (or poorly written; yes I am
> the guilty party)
> * I wanted to add a few sanity checks on configuration options
> * This patchset is needed to be fixed to cope with BackupIntent opens
> (virusfilter_vfs_close may need to be updated in the future as it
> appears base_name or connectpath still has path information in it)
> * Update caching (main change from version 9) to avoid ways of gaming
> the cache
> Again, thank you to all who have helped with this: those who wrote most
> of the code, those who have helped get it ready for merging, etc.
> Trever
This is against master. The lib/util/memcache.c lib/util/memcache.h
changes do not apply cleanly to 4.6. Beyond that it is only the #define
MAKE_FN_NAME(x) NTSTATUS vfs_virusfilter_ ## x ## _init(TALLOC_CTX *ctx)
which must be changed to make it work with 4.6 (remove TALLOC_CTX *ctx
and replace with void).

Thank you.


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