[PATCH] Modify smbspool_krb5_wrapper to just fall through to smbspool if AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED is not set or is not "negotiate".

Bryan Mason bmason at redhat.com
Thu Feb 16 07:23:19 UTC 2017


Please review and push this patch for Bug 12575.

This patch falls back to the smbspool command if AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED is
not set or is not set to "negotiate".  Because cups-deviced doesn't set
AUTH_INFO_REQUIRED when searching for devices, this allows the wrapper
to call smbspool to send the line

  network smb "Unknown" "Windows Printer via SAMBA"

back to cups-deviced/cupsd when enumerating devices.

I believe this patch will also allow the backend to be used both with
SMB printers that use Kerberos as well as SMB printers that use other
authentication methods (username,password for example).  This could
simply configuration for users who don't know the difference.


Bryan Mason
Senior Software Maintenance Engineer
Red Hat
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