Test compilation, documentation, submission format!

Dimitris Gravanis dimgrav at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 08:56:52 UTC 2017


This e-mail addresses a couple of issues that need to be solved in the 
next few days!

- My main issue is that I have trouble compiling the cmocka test .c 
files to run my tests. I get fatal errors (no such file or directory) on 
Samba headers (e.g replace.h), apparently the linker path needs to be 
set properly.

How would I properly link with GCC? Let's say that I want to compile 
libcli/dns/cmocka-tests/dns_tcp_test.c, how will the command below be 

|gcc -L/usr/lib <testname.c> -o <testname> -lcmocka|

I've found this solution 
though the code example doesn't use custom headers and I had no trouble 
with simple test programs that I wrote earlier this summer, when I was 
getting to know the API. This is both frustrating /and /crucial, so I 
could really use some help! I use text editors and the terminal, not 
some IDE, though I hardly think this is of any importance.

- As far as documentation goes, please check libcli/dns 
<https://github.com/dimgrav/samba/tree/master/libcli/dns> in my 
Samba-fork to see the current approach, I've used simple text files, 
since there is no formal, end-user documentation involved in the 
project, only development-related topics that need to be covered, to 
help any potential contributors get to to point. They are incomplete and 
a bit unpolished at the moment, I need some feedback to wrap them up 

- Finally, we should discuss on the project submission template that is 
required in the final stage of GSoC. A standalone repo doesn't seem like 
a proper choice to me, since the work is part of the whole Samba 
structure. Also, a Samba fork makes tracking of commits and individual 
changes a bit more difficult for someone else to follow. So I was 
thinking maybe a detailed blogspot post, with all the links to 
repositories (fork and standalone) and information on the project as a 
whole would be suitable. We should decide on this as soon as possible.

Have a great day,


Δ. Γραβάνης | D. Gravanis

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