[PATCH] Utilities: clean up become_daemon

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Wed Aug 16 14:54:10 UTC 2017

On Wednesday, 16 August 2017 12:51:41 CEST Martin Schwenke via samba-technical 
> We would like to use become_daemon in CTDB.  Here are some clean ups.
> The only real functional change is the addition of some error checking
> in become_daemon() itself, so that we notice fails fork() and setsid().


 #include "lib/util/close_low_fd.h"
+#include "lib/util/debug.h"
+#include "lib/util/samba_util.h"


#include "close_low_fd.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "samba_util.h"

They are all in the same directory as the C file itself ...

Also you remove _PUBLIC_ from several function which looks like they are not 
exported as public functions anymore. So the symbols are not exported by the 
library. Or was the _PUBLIC_ not defined anyway before?


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