[[PATCH v1] 30/37] [CIFS] SMBD: Add SMBDirect transport to Makefile

Tom Talpey ttalpey at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 14 21:20:01 UTC 2017

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> Subject: [[PATCH v1] 30/37] [CIFS] SMBD: Add SMBDirect transport to Makefile
>  cifs-$(CONFIG_CIFS_SMB2) += smb2ops.o smb2maperror.o smb2transport.o \
> -                           smb2misc.o smb2pdu.o smb2inode.o smb2file.o
> +                           smb2misc.o smb2pdu.o smb2inode.o smb2file.o cifsrdma.o

"cifsrdma.o" is a really confusing choice of names. SMB Direct is only
possible when the negotiated SMB dialect is SMB3. "CIFS" historically
means a dialect of SMB1, which many of us would like to see be in
a separate, and therefore omittable, module. Please use a name
more indicative of the function, perhaps "smbdirect.o".


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