[[PATCH v1] 12/37] [CIFS] SMBD: Handle send completion from CQ

Long Li longli at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 14 18:16:28 UTC 2017

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> Subject: Re: [[PATCH v1] 12/37] [CIFS] SMBD: Handle send completion from
> CQ
> You seem to be doing memory allocations and frees for every packet on the
> write.  At least for other RDMA protocols that would have been a major
> performance issue.

The size of SGE array passed to IB is unknown, so I don't know how much to pre-allocate in advance. But it seems this size is not big when passed down from CIFS. I will look at pre-allocating buffer if this is an issue.

> Do you have any performance numbers and/or profiles of the code?

I will look into profiling.

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