Not able to access samba shares if i apply IP filtering

Jawath Muckdhar jawath12 at
Thu Aug 10 13:16:51 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

I have successfully compiled samba-4.6.6 for linux.

Now i am trying to access the samba share from another linux machine.

If i apply the ip filter with source port range(1-65535) and Destination
port range (1-445), i am not able to access the shares.

After deleting the ip filter config, i am able to access the samba shares.

Does IP Filtering has anything to do with accessing the samba share?

could anyone help me on this.

this is the error message i got.

# smbclient //"USB 1" -U samba\%sambatest
Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)

Thanks & Regards,
Jawath Muckdhar

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