Fake Failover with Durable Handles

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Aug 9 15:46:59 UTC 2017

Hi Chris,

I just had the chance to listen the recording of your
SambaXP talk:

Do you realize that durable handle failover in Samba also
works in a ctdb cluster? For Samba there's no difference.

This works fine for the case you just have network problems
and the client reconnects (even to another node).

The things which doesn't work are reconnects if
the connected nodes dies or ctdbd terminates.

In order to do maintenance of a node you need to
remove all public address away from a node, then
wait for the durable timeout to pass in order to allow
the reconnects while ctdbd is still running on the node.
Then you can terminate ctdbd.

What kind of thing does your "Fake Failover" handle beyond
this things we already have?


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