[PATCH] Treat symbolic links to directories like normal files when building tarballs

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Tue Aug 8 11:47:52 UTC 2017

Treating symbolic links to directories as if they are directories causes
a couple of problems when building tarballs.  The attached patches fix
the the problems and appear not to break anything.  The commit messages
are quite long because it is somewhat difficult to explain the subtlety
in fewer words.   ;-)

The 1st commit fixes an actual bug.  However, I haven't opened a bug
because the problem is only in test code and is only seen when it is run
from a tarball, so definitely not in autobuild.  I'm happy to open a bug
and backport if people think this is important enough.

The 2nd commit fixes a theoretical problem that I hit in practice when
trying to work around the bug for the first commit by using
DIST_FILE() instead.  Thanks to Amitay for saying "don't do that,
fix the bug"...  :-)

I'm planning on using some more symlinks in the CTDB tests and the
first bug needs to be fixed for the new symlinks to work.

Please review and maybe push...

peace & happiness,
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