[PATCH] tfork

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Apr 20 22:23:13 UTC 2017

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 05:05:45PM +0200, Ralph Böhme wrote:
> SA_RESTART is just screwed. Imho the code must deal with EINTR anyway in most if
> not all places, so we should just remove it where applicable. The tevent signal
> interface allows passing it, but we should not use it in our code.
> I only see two callers: tdb_robust_mutex_handler() who doesn't need it and
> heimdal.

So do you want to remove the automatic adding of
SA_RESTART inside of CatchSignal() ?

> It's a nice utility function where the caller mustn't prepate the sigaction structure.
> Maybe change it to take and additional sa_flags and two addtional out args, ie
> int CatchSignal(int signum,
>                 int sa_flags,
> 		void (*handler)(int),
>                 int *old_sa_flags,
> 		void (**old_handler)(int));
> Most existing callers would just call CatchSignal(..., NULL, NULL);

Yep, I like that. Might prepare a patch for review that
fixes this !



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