Bind netbios name to an interface

Enzo Lombardi enzinol at
Thu Apr 20 14:50:52 UTC 2017

Hello fellow list members,
With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is moving away from netbios and
for example it won't talk to port 139 if the max protocol is not set to NT1
So in order to handle multiple virtual server there are basically three
1. set max server protocol to NT1, which has a bunch of side effects
(performance, security, etc.)
2. disable SMB2/SMB3 on the Win10 client, which is essentially the same of
1 for all the drawbacks, plus this needs to be done for all clients
3. move to an IP based virtual server solution.

I decided to go with 3, thanks to the ability to create IP aliases on the
server, and the only issue I had to solve was DNS name resolution. I've
noticed though that Netbios network broadcast still works well, so I was
thinking that in the section "netbios aliases" the list of name could be
bound to a network interface for each element, like this

netbios aliases = babel(eth0:0) goldfish(eth0:1)

This essentially would tell nmbd to broadcast the name babel using the
eth0:0 interface, goldfish using eth0:1, and so forth.

Does this make sense? I would take the coding effort to implement this if
this is a sound idea. The devil as usual might be in the details.

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