[PATCH] Cleanup - remove unused functionality. -- OpenChange break

Alexander Bokovoy ab at samba.org
Tue Apr 18 18:07:26 UTC 2017

On ti, 18 huhti 2017, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 08:46:48PM +0300, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> > On ti, 18 huhti 2017, Jeremy Allison via samba-technical wrote:
> > > More removal of talloc_autofree_context()
> > > from completely unused code.
> > > 
> > > I'm planning to remove this entirely from
> > > our codebase so we can make a start on adding
> > > threaded code into Samba.
> > > 
> > > Please review and push if happy !
> > I'm slightly worried about removal of the lpcfg_register_defaults_hook()
> > and friends. Sure, Openchange seems to be dead but people still use
> > Zentyal's fork which was updated a year ago.
> It's a horrible external abuse of our code, which
> prevents us from modernizing our internals.
> I want rid of these monkeys on our back.
All I want to see is a louder announcement that shatter is coming.
Without being sound how could they know it is a scheduled drop?
Announcing the removal under "unused functionality" cleanup is living us
without any towel. Have you put these plans somewhere else half a year
ago, perhaps?

> If we want to allow this - we need to decide
> on a *documented* *supported* mechanism of
> allowing this, that is thought through correctly
> and doesn't pollute our code with global state.
> lpcfg_register_defaults_hook() is *not* that
> mechanism.

> > I hope anyone who still cares about Openchange/Zentyal version would
> > speak up here. If not, then be it.
> Openchange is dead. If there are required
> uses for this, then external projects need
> to request an interface for it that we can
> design togther and support going forward.
> In the meantime, all our uses of talloc_autofree_context()
> must die.
We have talloc_autofree_context() used by SSSD as well. Are you planning
to kill talloc_autofree_context() too? Not that SSSD needs it
desperately but it is used there.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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