autoconf build system procedure needed

Jawath Muckdhar jawath12 at
Wed Apr 12 12:00:35 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

  I have compiled samba-4.5.5 with waf.
  But, there were 93 shared libraries required by 'smbd'
  The size of the shared libraries occupy around 35 MB.

  Now, I cannot use 'waf' build system as it creates executables and shared
libraries with huge size.  I need to use the 'autoconf' build system in
order to reduce the size of the executable and the number of shared

  My requirement is that I want a samba server only for "File Sharing" with
basic authentication using 'smbpasswd' (encrypted). Other features like
print sharing, AD domain controller, NT4 domain controller, local domain
master are not needed.

 I refer the below link and came to know about 'autoconf' build system to
be used in samba-4.5.5 to create small size executable and shared

  Kindly reply with the procedure to use 'autoconf' build and provide your
valuable feedback.

Thanks & Regards,

Jawath Muckdhar


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~ jawath ~

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